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How to manage reopened construction sites with the Coronavirus

How to manage the construction sites reopened with the Coronavirus is the issue that is gradually being addressed by the construction industry, in light of the regulatory provisions – not uniformly valid throughout the country – which loosen the lockdown mesh on some production areas.

The skills group set up by the Contec Group to manage the Coronavirus emergency ( shares a brief note on the effects of the resumption of construction sites involving, first of all, Contec Ingegneria  ( and Contec AQS Ambiente Qualità Sicurezza ( for the Works Management and CSP – CSE respectively.


The resumption of work sites reopened with the Coronavirus must take the following aspects into account.


Logistic organization of the construction site

The methods and flows of access/exit of the companies from the site will have to be redefined, the organizational spaces of the site will have to be verified and redesigned. By way of non-exhaustive list: services, changing rooms, canteens.

Particular attention must also be paid to the communication flows of the yard to avoid possible and common gatherings (e.g. hoists).

Chronoprogram update

The macro-phases of work will have to be analyzed both taking into account the spatial and temporal phase shift of the workings due to the management of possible interferences and considering the possible thickening of the workers according to the workings to be carried out.

This order of analysis will lead to the updating of the chronoprogram in which a prolongation or reorganization of site times may occur.

Overall, the ability to re-programme the works through the possibility of overlapping or time extension will have to be exercised, applying an effective and efficient shift strategy that respects the prescriptive measures and limits the inactivity of the yard.

Updating safety costs

The safety charges already drawn up and approved during the project will have to be integrated and updated with the new cost items required by the specific situations of the sites: additional PPE, disinfectant detergent dispensers, toilets, dedicated signs, specific and thematic training for workers.

Verification of the sanitizing activities of the vehicles and equipment


The companies carrying out the work must guarantee that the instruments have been sanitised by providing written evidence in special registers.


Digitizing for a construction site… smart…

The health emergency has favoured – despite the dramatic nature of the situation – the desired digital transition of construction processes which, compared to other areas, were reluctant to this transformation. Not only design, but also realization: designers, project&construction managers, works management, safety and clients present digital environments shared through specific levels of accessibility and information to carry out design and construction, starting from a renewed production chain that looks at prefabrication with great innovation.

Digital applied to construction sites is a revolutionary tool: through the underlying technology, inefficiencies and errors are prevented in favour of greater control and respect for the time and cost of construction sites reopened with the Coronavirus… and not only that, becoming normal.

Photo credit _ Scott Blake via Unsplash

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