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Launching wooden walkway: the resumption of construction sites

The construction site activity suspended for the prevention of the Covid-19 virus, symbolically resume with the launch of the wooden walkway of a textile production complex.

An intense and satisfying morning was spent in Avio (Trento) by the staff of Contec Ingegneria and Contec AQS for the positioning of the wooden walkway connecting two buildings located at the same industrial plant.

The aim of the intervention was to make communicate the offices located on the first floor of both buildings dedicated to the production and related fine knitwear activities for one of the Italian leaders in the sector – subject to authorization and technical guesswork.

This intervention is the completion of the first step of the redevelopment of the production site on which both Contec Ingegneria and Contec AQS have started work in the past few months for the redevelopment of the company store and the simultaneous construction of a mezzanine dedicated to the administrative offices (for a total of about 800 square meters), which has now become the protagonist element for the walkway that joins its namesakes in the adjacent building.

Contec Ingegneria has been entrusted with the architectural and structural design of the interventions, in addition to the works management. Contec AQS has been involved in the same time for safety management in the design and execution phase. The structural design of the walkway was handled by Ri-Legno.


Contec Ingegneria staff involved: Davide Sganzerla (Project Manager), Solidea Faedo, Andrea Fin, Nadia Turazza. For safety on site, meanwhile, Massimiliano Gagliardi, Giovanni Bauleo and Irene Sartori collaborated.


To the left: Irene Sartori and Giovanni Bauleo (Contec AQS), Andrea Fin e Solidea Faedo (Contec Ingegneria)


Installation begins.


The position seen in front


Detail of the wooden gangway launch


Detail of positioning


The walkway seen from the inside


The walkway seen from the bottom


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