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  • The design of swimming pools Lido di Verona to Contec Ingegneria

    The group of companies led by Contec Ingegneria has been awarded the redevelopment of the swimming centre in via Galliano (“Lido”) in Verona, which has been in a deteriorated and abandoned condition for some time.

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  • Launching wooden walkway: the resumption of construction sites

    The construction site activity suspended for the prevention of the Covid-19 virus, symbolically resume with the launch of the wooden walkway of a textile production complex.

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  • Digitization and automation for bridges: Contec contributes to research

    Digitization and automation for bridge management through an organized system is the central theme of the new research project promoted by the University of Padua, with European support and regional approval, in which Contec Ingegneria participates as a partner with its own skills and experiences in road infrastructure design.

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  • How to manage reopened construction sites with the Coronavirus

    How to manage the construction sites reopened with the Coronavirus is the issue that is gradually being addressed by the construction industry, in light of the regulatory provisions – not uniformly valid throughout the country – which loosen the lockdown mesh on some production areas.

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  • Better air quality to prevent the virus

    Better air quality is one of many aspects that must be taken into account in the overall coronavirus prevention strategy of organisations. What measures should be taken? What role can installations play?

    The contribution is by Filippo Busato, Technical Director of Econ Energy and President of AICARR, energy management referent in the working group set up by Contec for the management of the health emergency.

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  • Interoperability and the IFC standard: the event for (open)BIM users

    Interoperability and the IFC standard: the event for (open)BIM users

    Interoperability, openBIM and the IFC standard make up the first subject of FORWARD, the space that Contec Group has created for spreading knowledge about innovation and new practices within the building sector, in all its fields: planning, work management, worksite safety, document management, facility management.

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    La foresta di Gruppo Contec

    La nostra foresta è per tutte le persone che compongono il nostro ecosistema aziendale: persone, clienti, fornitori e partner. Ma non solo.
    La foresta porterà valore alla comunità keniota che se ne prenderà cura in un percorso agricolo e di sviluppo economico attraverso i frutti che riceverà.


    Assorestauro, the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic and Urban Restoration, was established in 2005 to represent the sector of restoration and conservation of heritage both in Italy and abroad. It is the first Italian association of manufacturers of materials, equipment and technology, suppliers of services and specialized companies. It is the reference for anyone willing to start working in the conservation sector in Italy, to be intended as a synthesis of the various disciplines involved, of the professional specialists, of the available technology and of the growing business community. One of its aims is to promote the dialogue among companies, academic world and institutions.





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