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decreto ministeriale per il bim

Ministerial decree about BIM in Italy has come into force

The BIM Decree (DM 560/2017) has been published in Gazzetta Ufficiale in recent weeks. It was issued by the Government in December 2017, with the forecast of entry into force on 29 January 2018. Contec Ingegneria – founder of ASSOBIM – comments the national scenario with the President of the association.

The BIM ministerial decree, that establishes the methods and timing for the adoption of modeling tools for the construction and infrastructure sector, should come into force by the end of January. However in 2019 the use of the BIM will start to be obligatory for works over 100 million euro and in 2025 it will be extended to the whole public works.

The procuring entity that have complied with all the preliminary requirements can use the BIM for new works and for redevelopment and regeneration.

Adriano Castagnone, President of Assobim, said: “Of course, Assobim is very happy for the entry into force of the Decree, that finally paves the way for the digitization of the construction sector. On the other hand we are aware of the difficulties that the epochal change of the introduction of BIM generates in a consolidated and traditional system such as that of building and infrastructure.

We will play an active role in promoting the use of BIM because we are sure that the digitization of the sector represents one of the fundamental drivers for the “rebirth” of the building system that has always represented one of the founding sectors of the national economy and an entrepreneurial excellence.

We want to work actively with all involved stakeholders, including associations, to support the dissemination of BIM and digitization. These deadlines, apparently distant, are necessary in order that all the people concerned are able to apply BIM effectively and exploit all the benefits. For this reason we invite everyone to participate in the Assobim Working Groups, where it is possible to exchange information and experiences.”

Stefano Savoia of Contec Ingegneria, engaged in the dissemination of BIM culture in Italy and founding member of ASSOBIM (, adds:

“The comment by the President of Assobim about the entry into force of the BIM ministerial decree is coherent from the point of view of the Contec Group’s organizations. Our hope is to participate in a further important step towards the digitization of the construction process, which the Contec Group has been dealing with for years.

The legislative obligation of transition to digital, the epochal transition from the represented project to the simulated project, the sharing of information and data between the actors involved in the phases and activities of the complex process of building production are elements that contribute to the transformation and announce it unequivocally.

The change in the construction sector, probably more reformist than revolutionary as it is often qualified in the comments (or hopes?) of software producers and professionals, will be gradual but inexorable and certainly started.

Our research laboratory BIS-Lab, Building Innovation & Skills® ( is strongly engaged and directs the choices of the Contec Group companies about this fundamental topic both in the new and in the restoration of the architectural heritage.

Our hope is that the Italian approach to the design and management of the entire building process changes through the dissemination of the culture of BIM. Only then we will remember with sympathy when we proposed the use of the BIM for a work, receiving the disarming answer “No, it’s faster with PDF!”.