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qualifica fornitori

The web portal by Contec for qualifying the suppliers

Contec Group has created a portal for qualifying the technical service providers, in according with the Quality of business processes.

The registration (here the link: is the premise to start being part of the team of Contec Group (

The portal makes possible to technicians and professionals, that are actives in Italy, to bring their skills and experience directly to the attention of Project Managers.

The subscription is composed of  easy steps, designed to define and identify the skills. In addition to the Curriculum Vitae, these information contribute to profile the candidate in terms of sense of responsibility, level of technical competence and preparation, capacity to work in teams.

After the evaluation of the Project Manager you join the group of qualified technicians of the Contec Group, so you are a qualified employee for the future.

The main value of the qualification however is the possibility to spend the career within the Contec Group, with great professional experience and the assumption of roles of increasing responsibility.