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stress lavoro-correlato

Work-related stress. Reflections and management.

“Monitoring and intervention to optimize the assessment and management of work-related stress” is the professional workshop about the workers’ health that introduced the best practice of companies that counted also on the support and assistance of Contec AQS.

The event, held on 6th May at the Faculty of Law of the University of Verona, was promoted by SPISAL | ULSS Verona.

The workshop was about the theme of work-related stress with the interventions of medical – sanitary profiles and of the representatives of five national and international companies based in Verona, invited to introduce their actions on behalf of their workers.

Three of these ones – LIDL, GSK GlaxoSmithKline and Bauli – are Contec Group’s partners. Specifically for LIDL, Contec AQS is Safety Manger and Medical Supervisor.

The starting point was the definition of work-related stress (Seyle, 1936) as “a not-specific reaction of the organism to nearly every kind of exposure, stimulus or solicitation ” also, explaining how stress is both a positive and a negative condition and that has consequences in an emotional level, mental, physical and about behaviour.

The consideration and improvement of work-stress relation is an important aspect of business like other topics of organisation and production. For this, the recognition of stress situations should be applied also in areas or departments, not only in individual workers.

The professional context is like an environment with a various population, where situations and inputs are different.

Good practices confirm that the optimal management should consider the legal obligations for workers’ health as an opportunity of improvement in order to increase the welfare, the competitiveness and productivity at the same time. Clicking on the link is available a contribution that reports the main aspects of the workshop.

Here the program of the workshop.

For more information about the company in the Contec Group specialized on health and safety in the workplaces: