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Two new hospitals in Verona. Contec Ingegneria’s reflections

It is time for excellent visits for the biggest construction site in Verona, composed by the hospitals of Borgo Trento and of Borgo Roma.

On 30rd March the Ministry of Health of the Regione Veneto, Luca Coletto, and the head managers of the Hospital of Verona visited the work in progress of the growing New Hospital of Women and Children in Borgo Trento. The structure will be a specialized center in gynecological and pediatric diseases that will employ advanced technologies for scientific research.

Contec Ingegneria is asked to plan the structure design, which also include an expansion of the hospital of Borgo Roma through the Outpatient Clinic, visited officially last 4th April by the Mayor of Verona, the rector of the University of Verona, Mr. Sartor, and the President of Cariverona Foundation, Mr. Mazzucco.

Davide Sganzerla – Technical Director of Contec Ingegneria and Project Manager of this intervention – tells his experience.

In your long professional experience, you have designed many buildings in various sectors, from manufacturing to residential. Does your approach change in case of such important project with an important social impact that will help a lot of women and their children? Do you feel a different responsibility?

The careful approach is a constant in Contec in every context. But I admit that a project of this type, mostly in your city, leads to a different emotional participation.

In your opinion, what are the most interesting aspects of the project?

The planning of the two extensions of Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento allowed to join a large number of professionals who confronted each other in various fields. This experience gives us the way to use all structural technologies available and to choose the best solutions for the final performances of the buildings.

What do you think of this important intervention about the Hospital of Verona, from both the real estate and economy point of view?

The Hospital is committed for an important renovation in the field of the buildings. The present case is the most challenging expansion of the two hospitals done so far. The project-financing formula has allowed the access at the financial resources to achieve results otherwise difficult to reach.

Related to the expansion of the two hospitals, how do you describe the level of quality of the new buildings in comparison to existing ones?

The experiences of the past, the studies and the improvement of materials led to develop some construction technologies that today can do more efficient solutions from all points of view, firstly for functionality and safety. The multi-functional approach of the project allows also to design buildings and spaces more versatile and adaptable in the time. This approach is offering the renovation of the buildings. Obviously the context doesn’t allow radical changes, so the challenge of the future, but in fact even of the present, is the recovery and the improvement of quality standards and the safety of the buildings in order to carry out more often in a context of buildings that are using.

A brief press release from “L’Arena” (click here and here) and from “Corriere del Veneto” (click here)

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Photo credit: Architetti Verona – Lorenzo Linthout

A brief press release from “L’Arena” (click here and here) and Corriere del Veneto (click here)