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aggiornamento iso 9001-2015

The update of ISO 9001-2015: Contec is ready

The update of ISO 9001-2015 was the theme of the training meeting for experts and officers of QMS (Quality Management System) of Contec Group.

The meeting took place at the branch office of Padua and it has been an important opportunity for internal training in order to update the knowledge and skills of the Quality Management System of UNI. The new version of UNI EN ISO 9001 about the Quality Management Systems for was introduces with a particular attention on the topic of Risk Management, in connection with ISO 31000 “Risk management – Principles and guidelines” that will be one of the main theme of QMS the new theme of QMS in the upcoming years.

Contec is certified ISO 9001and shares constantly with its partners and customers the business processes adapted to these international standards.

Why is important for a company to work according to QMS?

The ISO 9001 international standards discuss the ways to achieve high performance using methods to improve the efficiency at all levels of the company. ISO 9001 is the most used standard worldwide because it ensures the quality of processes, providing competitiveness and accomplishment of goals. Issued on 15th September and released on 22nd September, the new edition of ISO 9001-2015 has to be applied by organizations and individuals certified within 2018.

The 2015 one is the fourth revision of the ISO 9000 and it expands the layout issued in 2008. This last update has a first – level structure split in 10 chapters. Those who have been updated always include in the layout PLAN – DO – CHECK- ACT and concern the following issues:

chapter 4 | Context of organization: understanding the organization and its context; needs and expectations; the use of the Quality Management System;

chapter 5 | Leadership: leadership and engagement; Quality Policy; roles, responsibility and authority

chapter 6 | Planning: actions to meet the risks and opportunities; quality goals and planning; planning the changes

chapter 7 | Support: resources; competence; awareness; communication; information

chapter 8 | Operating activities: planning and operational controls; needs of market; operational planning process; control of products and services; development of products and services; production of products and services; the release of products and services; products and services that fails in terms of standard

chapter 9 | Performance evaluation: monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation; internal audit; review of management

chapter 10 | Improvement: nonconformities and corrective actions.

With the addition of the expression “products and services” ISO 9001-2015 became a concrete opportunity for all companies that provide services, leaving the original setting linked exclusively to the industrial sector. The standard faces the increasing complexity of the market, as it keeps in consideration ethics and sustainability and the fragmentation of the supply chain that companies choose more frequently.

This update ISO extends the attention to the functions and external processes related with all stakeholders. In the new edition of the standard, companies are more aware of the external environment, needs and expectations of all stakeholders, all sides for their own success.

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