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contec restauro palazzo fulcis

The restoration of Palazzo Fulcis in Belluno has been concluded

The restoration of Palazzo Fulcis has been an important task for Contec Ingegneria, that were involved by Fondazione Cariverona from 2008 for the structural design and lately for the works direction phase.

The building is located in the central piazza Duomo. Since 1875 the palace has been exposing a rich archaeological collection and several paintings, graphic works and sculptures. Globally, the building stands on a wide internal courtyard, originated by three buildings, after the fusion intervention planned by the architect Valentino Alpago, aimed at making a single building.

This intervention was made in a view of requalifying the image of the family, who owned the palace at that time – on the occasion of the important wedding in 1776.

Over the centuries, the building was subjected to various vicissitudes – most of them, not very documented – which have made the planning operations of the structural restoration particularly complex.

The competences implemented by Contec Ingegneria in studying the regulations and the ministerial reference guidelines for the structural calculations, the cognitive analysis and the seismic vulnerability of the building were employed in order to create the best methodological and operative approach – and also to enable an optimal realization of the restoration.

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