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palazzo capitanio

The refurbishment of Palazzo del Capitanio has started

Palazzo Cansignorio, Palazzo Podestà, Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo del Tribunale are the most recurrent historical names used to call Palazzo del Capitanio. A delicate refurbishment phase has started in order to turn this building into a new place of art and cultural relationships.

Palazzo del Capitanio is located in the historical centre of Verona between the suggestive squares of Piazza Erbe and Piazza Viviani. In the last mo

.  In the last months the main task was the aim of a precise design study with the purpose of seeking the best possible conservative intervention.

Involved by Fondazione Cariverona, Contec Ingegneria has worked on the structural intervention on this building that is composed of four storeys, one basement and two mezzanine levels – in a view of minimizing the intervention’s impact, especially considering the centuries-old seismic history of the building.

After the design phase – in line with the competent superintendence approvals – now the implementation phase is following with the prevision of a new active role of Contec Ingegneria, charged of works supervisor for the structures. Contec Group’s contribution does not end here. Fondazione Cariverona charged also Contec AQS with the safety coordination during the execution phase (CSE – Coordinamento della Sicurezza in fase di esecuzione).

This intervention will last three years and mainly it will be devoted to two activities: executive offices and cultural spaces. These spaces will host paintings and sculptures art works, which are part of the art collection of the foundation.

Photo credit: Artribune