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CE marking of the self-built lifting equipment

Are the self-built lifting equipment you use compliant? What are the obligations of the employer-builder? These are the questions that Contec Industry asks in the CE marking of lifting equipment to manufacturing companies that use non-serial equipment and which therefore impose verification procedures, monitoring and technical adjustments.

The handling and lifting inside the production plants may require the use of non-standard lifting equipment, different from those generally on the market.

Then it is frequent the use of self-built equipment (hooks, scales, brackets, pliers, forks…) that have to respect technical standards and requirements to be CE marked, allowing the employer to become a full-fledged constructor .

For most of this equipment a plan of inspections, periodic and extraordinary audits by a competent profile must also be provided.



Lifting appliances, equipment and accessories fall within the scope of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and consequently must be CE marked.

Article 1 of the directive specifies that the equipment subject to the Machinery Directive is interchangeable equipment, safety components, lifting accessories, chains, ropes and belts. It adds further that:

The manufacturer or his authorized representative, before placing on the market and/or putting into service these products:

a) ensures that it meets the essential health and safety requirements set out in attachment I;

b) ensures that the technical dossier referred to in Annex VII, Part A, is available;

c) in particular provides the necessary information, such as for example the instructions;

d) carries out the appropriate procedures of conformity assessment  pursuant to Article 12;

e) draws up the CE declaration of conformity pursuant to Annex II, Part 1, Section A, and makes sure that it accompanies the machine;

f) affixes the CE marking in accordance with Article 16.

Verifications and inspections
Legislative Decree 81/08 (Law on Safety) forces employers to carry out checks and tests on all work equipment.


UNI Ente Italiano di Normazione ( recently reported on the topic: “Lifting accessories: the draft standard U36002460 concludes the final investigation on 29 January 2018. This draft, the future TR, provides indications on the methods of control , the level of periodicity and the requirements of the personnel for the checks of: steel rope slings, synthetic fiber slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, eyebolts and removable load-handling equipment. The proponent technical body is the Commission for lifting equipment and related accessories”.

The Technical Report is a useful guide in the field of lifting accessories placed on the market – according to the Legislative Decree 17/2010 (transposition Directive 2006/42/EC) – in order to establish the control methods, the periodic checks, the regulations and/or guidelines in force in the absence of specific indication by the manufacturer and personnel requirements.

As required by Legislative Decree n. 81, article 71 the results of the controls must be reported in writing and at least those relating to the last three years must be saved and kept available to the supervisory bodies.

In light of the technical-regulatory scenario, a profile of punctual obligations for the employer-constructors emerges, that may require specific skills or the organization of a new efficient executive system not present in the company.

Contec Industry maps the existing equipment in the company, highlighting potential anomalies and taking charge of the adjustment plan necessary for the CE marking of lifting equipment.

In the turnkey formula, Contec Industry assumes the responsibility to build, certify and CE mark the equipment in its own name, relieving the employer from such burden. It also monitors and updates the verification and control plan, ensuring that deadlines are met by the employer and his delegates.

Click here to download the complete technical analysis about lifting machines and equipment and some experiences of Contec Industry.

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