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gestione del cantiere e bim

Management of the construction site and BIM: Contec is a case-study

The optimal management of the construction site in terms of safety and BIM is the main theme of a university research that chose Contec as a case study.

In April, during the last academic session, Anna Zanato graduated in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the School of Engineering of the University of Padua (www.ingegneria.unipd.itcarrying a research developed on a project and the management of the construction site curated by Contec.

“The coordination of the safety during the design and the execution of BIM and information solutions: methodological aspects, normative and procedures” is the title of the research that chose as a case study the new BT Low Temperature cell of Sammontana (www.sammontana.itlocated in Colognola ai Colli (Verona). Contec Ingegneria curated the design and the work direction, Contec AQS managed the safety of the construction site of Contec AQS.

Synthetically the research simulated, tested and considered the equivalent management of the site following a BIM model, developed through the software CPM software – Costruction Project Managment issued by STR (

The study is one of the researches of BIS – Lab®, the laboratory of research and development of Contec Group, that studies BIM in application on its business.

The complete research and the presentation in slides are available for consultation in the BIS – Lab ® library that also collects material on BIM.

Anna Zanato and the team of researchers of the University of Padua – coordinated by Ph. Carlo Zanchetta – have expressed deep satisfaction about the collaboration with Contec Group, particularly with Contec AQS ( and Contec Ingegneria (,  for the support and technical-scientific information provided during he study.