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Innovation at Contec’s : a new managerial software has been created for the service industry

It is called MPR Management Process Review, the new management software created by Contec for the integrated management of the companies’ processes concerning different fields, such as HR, suppliers and clients, for the planning and the accounting of costs and revenues.

MPR stems from the need of combining the modern logics of planning, control and reporting with the typical characteristics of the service industry companies as the Contec Group.

The development of the software is the result of a compact work of the Group, that involved the R&D internal unit of Bis-Lab©, Pronext, Contec Ingegneria and Contec AQS. This sum has tested the new system for the first time finding excellent results.

MPR allows a punctual control of the situation of the company and it is coded according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system’s standards, operating with the logics of the industrial accounting.

The software has been protected by copyright in order to safeguard the originality and the codification of the contents.

The salient characteristics of MPR are mainly ascribable to the simultaneous view of several business aspects and the immediate reporting.

With different levels of accessibility- balanced on the kind of role performed- the Contec Group’s staff chooses MPR for:

  • Planning and registration of the order’s lifecycle (quotation, opening, progress, closing)
  • Reporting and extraction of data insurance
  • Optimized management of the processes of the costs management and the revenues management
  • Organization and the to-do-list scheduling
  • HR management
  • Integrated management of the clients’ database
  • Suppliers’ integrated management

MPR was custom-made planned and developed by adopting management principles of the large companies, which need constantly to monitor the resources and cash flows planning – concerning incoming and outgoing – with reliable forecasts.

The main intention on business board was in order to provide the Group with an extremely agile instrument for the different users’ types, who use it for divergent purposes – such as the Board of Directors, project manager or technicians, who work out-of-office with devices of support. In the contents translation, a particular attention was devoted to the ISO standards that guarantee the system efficiency and introduce the innovation inside the Group.