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Information Technology and Contec Group: I-CON

Information Technology and Contec Group is an unusual combination that today finds expression in a new society of the Group: I-CON.

The Contec Group is opened to new technical expertise and invests in Information Technology with I-CON. I-CON is the expression of a common intention of IT and technologies services management on behalf Contec’s companies and external clients.

The task of I-CON will be the management of hardware and software equipments and the development of software technology through experimental projects to add value to daily activities.

Project developers and IT professionals involved will be entirely focused on innovation of applications, operational and procedural systems, software and new devices of connectivity. I-CON will work on boosting innovative platforms to support the professionalism in order to provide more efficient services for all the users.

I-CON will be operative not only for the Contec Group but also for external parties that need applications and software to improve the management of companies and connectivity.

Why the name I-CON?

The name I-CON has been chosen because it represents an easy balance between the names of other companies and a clear reference to the IT sector (icon). In addition, the saint patron of computer is Saint Veronica, that in ecclesiastical language means True (Vera) Icon.

I-CON will be operative in the headquarter of Verona of the Contec Group.

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