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Design for office: AVL VWG’s spaces are ready

Contec Ingegneria curated the design and the work direction in coordination with Contec AQS – responsible for the safety on site – for the new AVL Volkswagen Group’s offices in Verona.

The design of the new offices for AVL Volkswagen Group finished in July,. AVL is a society of the Volkswagen Group that develope the marketing of the worldwide brand Bugatti (

Specifically, the task was focused on the design, the construction management and the safety coordination for the new headquarter of AVL in a preexisting building in Verona.

Description of the project.

The space available for the intervention was on two levels featured with a central void, and a square plan of 600 square meters.

Into this suggestive open space there are the operational and executive work-stations with three meeting rooms having transparent walls. The offices were completed with some utility rooms, present upstairs.

The separation between the work-stations (individual ones for management and collective for other operators) was carried out with mobile structures.

Particular attention also was also paid to the lighting project in order to have a continuous-right light, respecting the energy of solar power during the day.

Photo-gallery della progettazione uffici: