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Contec Ingegneria mentioned as Italian excellence

Maurizio Cossato – President emeritus and Technical Director of Contec Ingegneria – has been mentioned among the Italian engineering excellences.

The mention among the Italian engineering excellences will be official during the event “MakING” in Rome from 28th to 30rd April, organized by CNI National Council of Engineers (

The conferences will be about the excellence of design, declined in the sectors of infrastructure, environment and technological innovations.

During the event,  it will be given visibility to the best engineers of Italy. Among them there’s also Contec Ingegneria – in the person of Maurizio Cossato – for its prestigious projects and the important professional curriculum that has accompanied Contec for over fifty years, when it was founded, as one of the first engineering companies in Italy.

Maurizio Cossato graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua in 1957 after the presentation of a thesis about prestressed concrete, deepening its origin and applications of this material, at the time innovative it Italy and employed only in an infrastructure in the province of Cremona.

The technical skills and the rich business context of the Sixties allowed him to begin his long career in the field of infrastructure.

In the personal schedule – available for the participants at “MakING” –  Cossato chose three projects to describe his professionalism: MART in Rovereto with the Master Mario Botta, the General Warehouses of Verona and the bridge over Astico river.

Cossato was asked to define his sense of engineering, and he describes it as “an intellectual activity, that if it’s used with the principles of science, it produces economic results, including also protection and preservation of the territory“.

During the years, the engineer Cossato has been President and councilor member of the Order of Engineers of Verona from 1980 to 1991, President of the Federation of Professional Engineers of Veneto from 1990 to 1997 and board member since 1972 (year of foundation) and expert member in Seismic Commission of Veneto Region established in 2004.

The inclusion among the Italian excellences confirms the long tradition that Contec Ingegneria has developed in the design and management of important interventions in the public infrastructure and Italian industry, cultural too.

Here the complete program of “MakING”.

For more information, you can follow the live streaming of the event ( and watch the video of the event launch (