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BIM technical teaching for BIS-Lab® | Contec Ingegneria

“The construction process: BIM approach for a quality design” is the title of the lessons that Contec Ingegneria – through its lab of research and innovation, BIS-Lab® – proposed in the technical training course organized by ENAC in Verona.

The training of Contec has inaugurated the works of the first module of the BIM Manager course, which started last week. It is addressed to a selected class of under 30-year-old students.

The master is intended to instruct the role of BIM Manager. This professional figure will be able to operate in the construction sector, specialized in the design and constructive process management through the application of the Building Information Modelling (BIM). The lessons will create prospects of improvement to the contract management, the project validation and the interference check as well as the progress of the design works, in order to reduce costs and time.

The architect Federico Gaspari and the engineer Stefano Savoia have introduced the class on an articulated path due to the result of the historical investigation conducted by Contec, concerning the construction process combined with the most recent researches about the BIM in the recent years.

The theme of the innovation in the process is central in the innovation researches carried out by the lab of BIS-Lab®.  These studies are focused on the development of methods and practises in the field of the construction process of information technologies, with a particular attention on BIM. In renewing the historical commitment of Contec regarding the design innovation – BIS-LAB® intends to examine and to identify new possible directions of new methodological approaches, with a view to stimulate the updating of each building phase: from the planning and the construction to the survey and management.

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