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  • BIM in Italy: the free handbook is available

    BIM in Italy: the free handbook is available

    The handbook about the state of the art of BIM is available free of charge; it has been published by AssoBIM, an association for the dissemination of BIM in Italy, which includes also Contec Ingegneria among the founding members. 

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  • Bill of quantities and BIM: Contec research is ready

    Bill of quantities and BIM: Contec research is ready

    The research developed by BIS-lab® Building Innovation & Skills Lab, the research laboratory of Contec Group, about the 5D and, in particular, the BIM-based drafting of the bill of quantities, is available. The research is based on a real contract in progress by Contec Ingegneria.

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  • Office design: new Coelsanus offices are complete

    Office design: new Coelsanus offices are complete

    The new spaces of Coelsanus – the leader of the canning industry – are complete. The space, already used for logistics, had to be transformed to accommodate other new features such as corporate image and non-industrial operations. Contec Ingegneria dealt with the Design of the Offices and the Artistic Direction of the supplies.

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  • The assistance to SAVE for “Marco Polo” airport successfully ended

    The assistance to SAVE for “Marco Polo” airport successfully ended

    SAVE and the ATI Maltauro-Itinera have signed the contract for the renovation of the flight infrastructures at the “Marco Polo” airport in Tessera (Venice). The Contec Group, specifically Pronext and Contec AQS, provided assistance to SAVE Project Manager to manage this relevant and sensitive tender.

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  • Funding and benefits for the restoration

    Funding and benefits for the restoration

    The Venetian Villas Regional Institute IRVV has provided for measures to support the restoration of Venetian villas also in 2018.

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  • Verona Manager interviews Contec Group

    Verona Manager interviews Contec Group

    Verona Manager has published its latest issue, which includes the interview made to Contec Group to illustrate its development in terms of skills and innovation over the years.

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    Contec Group

    The Contec Group comprises seven companies and one research laboratory, all interconnected and permeated by the same know-how: distinct yet fully integrated skills and profiles as regards the evolution and implementation of every service.

    Since Contec Ingegneria was originally founded in 1962, the Contec Group has evolved and specialized in various professional fields to ensure a complete service for design, construction and production-company processes by setting up Contec AQS, Contec Industry, Econ Energy, Pronext, Open Building and ICON.



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    Certifications and Memberships


    ASSOBIM is an association founded to ASSOBIM representing the entire BIM technology chain that counts also Contec Engineering among the founding partners.

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    BSI – ISO 9001

    The activities of Contec companies are coordinated through Quality Management Systems certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001

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    Contec Group’s companies are members of Confindustria Verona, the national organization representing the manufacturing and service companies

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    The Italian National Standards Authority (UNI) studies, develops, approves and publishes voluntary technical standards in industrial, commercial and service fields.

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    Founded in 1965, OICE is the Association in Italy representing Italian engineering, architecture and technical-economic consultancy organisations.

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    Contec Ingegneria also focuses on the delicate topic of sustainability. In this context, it is a member of the Green Building Council Italia,

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    Contec Ingegneria, as a member of OICE, is a member of FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

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    GFS | Green Facility Specialist

    The GFS Green Facility Specialist mark certifies strategic and management skills of complex and multi-dimensional systems

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    The mission of ISI-Italian Seismic Engineering Association is to involve various players in the Seismic Engineering field

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    AGIDI was founded in 2011. It operates alongside other associations in the real estate sector to promote sustainable urban development

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    IFMA Italia

    Contec Engineering is associated with IFMA Italy, the Italian Chapter of the International Facility Management Association, an association founded in 1980 in the United States

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    Assorestauro, the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic and Urban Restoration, was established in 2005 to represent the sector of restoration and conservation of heritage both in Italy and abroad.

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